Christmas Pack #1 - Cacao, Blue Lotus & Mug


OPTION 1: 1 x 200g Cacao, 1 x 20g Blue Lotus, 1 x Lowball Cacao Mug + Sticker – ONLY $139.95 (Save $20)

OPTION 2: 1 x 610g Cacao, 1 x 20g Blue Lotus, 1 x Lowball Cacao Mug + Sticker – ONLY $198.95 (Save $26)

Save $$$ with this Pack

  • 1 x 200g Tribal Moon Cacao
  • 1 x 20g “Lucid Dreaming” Blue Lotus
  • 1 x Handmade Lowball Cacao Mug
  • + gift


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Ceremony Kit with Tribal Moon Ceremonial Grade Cacao, Blue Lotus & Handmade Lowball Cacao Mug.

CHRISTMAS BONUS: All Christmas Packs come with a FREE Tribal Moon Cacao Sticker

Everything you need for your next ceremony, ritual, cleanse or meditation.

Tribal Moon Cacao

Made with so much love, Tribal Moon Cacao is Criollo Cacao grown in Northern Peru. It is farmed in an area that is known for being part of the Ancient Meso-American Civilization, a location famous for providing the highest grade cacao ever known to be gifted to humankind.

Cacao is known as an incredibly sacred plant, the spiritual energy of our cacao and the bean it comes from, are created, cultivated, loved and appreciated with an abundance of positive energy fuelled with gratitude, joy and celebration for cacao and all the healing and medicinal properties this superfood brings.


Tribal Moon “Lucid Dreaming” Blue Lotus

Raw and organic, sundried and infused with love and blessings. We kept it as pure and untouched as possible in order to make it super potent and powerful whether used as tea, for smoking, or steaming.

Blue Lotus Tea is known to literally counteract feelings of anxiety and overthinking and is a go-to for many to cope with difficult situations.

This herbal tea is known to assist people in feeling very calm and content, so although you may feel euphoric, it may also assist in a deep sensation of relaxation which is why it is so popular in the evening and before bed.



Handmade Lowball Cacao Mug

These handmade, one of a kind mugs are put through a very unique kiln process where there are slowly heated for almost a week with Australian flora and fauna including gum leaves, nuts and wattles, snakeskins, feathers, etc giving each piece its unique characteristics, colouring and feel. Each mug takes on the various oils, colours and unique characteristics of these hand collected wild native Australian ingredients.

These unique mugs are the perfect size for sipping cacao and have such a warm and inviting feel, super smooth finish on the hands and you will literally not want to put your special mug down.


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Weight 1.4 kg

200g Cacao, 20g Blue Lotus & Mug, 610g Cacao, 20g Blue Lotus & Mug


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