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Welcome Home Tribe

Before we begin we would be honoured to share with you…

Tribal Moon Cacao is built on a new paradigm of business, a paradigm shaped by a heartfelt mission to give and support as many incredible humans and environmental organisations as we can. 

With every single Tribal Moon Cacao product sold you are not only supporting yourself and your tribe by giving the gift of this incredible superfood of all superfoods to your skin suits (110% guaranteed to be the tastiest, smoothest and strongest ceremonial grade cacao you have ever had or your money back) But you are also raising money for high vibrational humans creating friggin epic magic around the world. Healers, Yogis, Lightworkers, Super Mums & Dads, Musicians, Ceremonialists, Conscious Creators as well as reforestation in Peru, cleaning and bringing awareness to Australian ocean, river and water cleaning initiatives plus so so so much more. 

Tribal Moon Cacao Tm is 100% Pure Peruvian Ceremonial Grade Cacao, lovingly prepared with intention and gratitude to assist all who share in its magic. Certified organic, fair trade and ethically sourced, nothing added, never chemically or temperature altered… very powerful. 100% Cold Pressed Organic Cacao Beans, nothing more, nothing less. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality Ceremonial Grade Cacao, Maca Powder, Cacao Nibs, Palo Santo Stick and Sage.

Have a look around and feel free to check the links to all our affiliates and organisations, or even better, become and affiliate yourself and share the magic with your tribe. 

Love and full power to you in this exact moment, and if you want some of this high vibe, you are in the perfect place. 

Upcoming Events & Courses


Our Cacao was created through years of running ceremony around the world, deep diving with this ancient plant medicine and our aim was to create the tastiest, strongest, flowing and most affordable Ceremonial Grade Cacao in the world, and we feel this is exactly what we have achieved.

Tribal Moon Cacao is grown using sustainable farming practices and part of every batch of our divine cacao goes back to supporting farmers, their families and replantation in Peru. Tribal Moon Cacao also proudly supports various other environmental organisations including Greenpeace, Tangaroa Blue protecting and cleaning our ocean and it’s shores, and various initiatives to clean and support the precious Murray Darling River system of Australia.  

So… if this is your first time here, welcome to Tribal Moon Cacao, and a huge heartfelt thank you to all the warriors of love who have journeyed with us over the years, honoured you have all on our page and absolutely blessed to share our Cacao plant medicine with you and your tribe. Have a look around our site for epic recipes and inspiration amongst many other hidden treats…

Save $$ On Subscription Plans

FREE POSTAGE and discounted Tribal Moon Cacao auto shipped direct to your door every 60 days. Plus, of course we throw in extra treats to our tribe on our subscriptions packages just to make you smile and feel a little extra love. 

Choose 1, 2, 3 or 4 bags… the more you order, the cheaper it gets.

Does it get any better the this??

Ceremonial Grade Cacao
Cacao paste

Affiliates Programs

Ohhh… hold on… it does get better!

Want FREE CACAO? $$ in your bank? And to support tribe and environmental organisations all over the world???

Since we launched our affiliate program back in August 2020, we have raised over $17,000 dollar in supporting our affiliates dropping into creating their magic. Be it events, courses, setting up a new space, or creating content to possibly bring a life changing empowering experience to assist in changing someone’s life.

Our high vibe affiliates are bad ass spiritual gangstas and we strongly advise you to buy our cacao medicine through them (not us) as we love to support them!  To see a full list of affiliates, their websites, their upcoming events, courses and friggin epic creations, click below.
And to express interested in becoming part of the epic affiliate tribes, submit an expression of interest below.

Conscious People Uniting To Give Back

Every time you purchase Tribal Moon Cacao, you are not only supporting yourself and honouring your temple, but you are also donating to reforestation projects around the world, protecting our oceans,  cleaning our water ways and supporting the villages and tribe all over the world through our incredible affiliate program.

The Tribal Moon Cacao tribe work flat out supporting numerous environmental organisations as well as mental health organisations and a long, long list of high vibrational healers. 

A Healthy & Super tasty Alternative For Kids

Kids and parents alike are going crazy for Tribal Moon Cacao, the new healthy alternative to “off the shelf” chocolate.

Parents are huge fans as they now have a super healthy chocolate option for their kids, with no one being any the wiser that they are not indulging in processed sugar or artificially modified junk food. Not only that, its good for their teeth, skin, focus & so much more.

The reviews from the kids have been incredible. “Tribal Moon Cacao is my new favourite treat at school, I love when mummy packs the yummy treats she makes with it in my lunch box” - Johnny Reed (age 7, QLD)


Nothing compares to Tribal Moon Cacao ... I notice an increase in my focus, concentration, creativity and connection to myself, God and others whenever I consume it. It is so strong and invigorating. I use it when I need to get lots of work done or when I am ready to go deeper in my spiritual practices. All my senses get so amplified on this natural source, such a bonus that it is high in antioxidants, magnesium and iron. It really is an all rounder medicine ❤️🌙

Susan Vu Currumbin QLD - Australia

Tribal Moon Cacao opens me daily to this subtle yet profound energy within. It has assisted deeply with transmutation of grief and disconnection into joy and compassion. As a plant medicine it truly is a gift from Creator 💞

Lauren Elizabeth Hobart TAS - AUSTRALIA

My journey with Tribal moon cacoa has enabled me to go deeper with my ascension journey. Recognising it’s not about arising out of myself but arriving into myself. Tribal Moon Cacoa has been a powerful resource to work with in daily ceremony & even bigger rituals to enhance mg spiritual journey. I work with the medicine of cacoa with my clients to show them how they can surrender, let go & support their hearts to be open & free at last. I highly recommend Tribal Moon Cacoa for all daily & spiritual purposes. Anytime, or any place, Tribal Moon Cacoa will enhance your space

Courtney Dwyer Byron Bay NSW - AUSTRALIA

Literally nothing comes close to the flavour, texture and strength of Tribal Moon Cacao... finding this medicine has been an absolutely game changer in assisting in opening the heart of my clients. I have been running Cacao Ceremonies around the world for over 20 years now and sourced my Cacao from just about every known Cacao supplier, this is by far best I have ever experienced... by far.

Grace Winton USA

I have been using this divine plant medicine for years and this is by far the most incredible Cacao I have ever ever had, so powerful, so clean, so healing and always profoud.

Sophie Jonas Amsterdam - NETHERLANDS

Literally nothing comes close to the flavour, texture and strength of Tribal Moon Cacao... absolutely blown away. I have been running Cacao Ceremonies around the world for over 10 years now and sourced my Cacao from just about every known Cacao supplier, this is by far best I have ever experienced

John Sanders Miami - USA

Conscious Clubbing has been working with Jay and Tribal Moon Cacao for many months and it's always such a joy. I love the morning before an event, bringing out the pot, the ingredients and brewing up the magic! Thank you Jay for all that you bring.

Anthos Sotnya Brisbane QLD - AUSTRALIA

We Love Supporting Our Tribe

We love connecting with our tribe, and more than anything we love to offer our tribe epic discounts on our cacao.

All details on our monthly subscriptions, affiliates program, mailing list etc just below. Any of these are a great way to get heavily discounted cacao, early bird special on our epic cacao events and courses, and just generally connecting with our incredible tribe. 

And feel free to tag us with your TM Cacao recipes, images and stories so we can share with the rest of the tribe on the @tribalmooncacao Instagram, you may just inspire someone else in our tribe, or be deeply inspired yourself.


Health Benefits for You & Your Family


Sugar and artificial sweeteners create a massive nutritional ‘black hole’ in the body and brain by robbing it of the important nutrients and creating a large nutritional deficit. This contributes to the peak and crash so often experienced when eating these sugary snacks. Tribal Moon Ceremonial Grade Cacao can assist concentration for both adults and children. There is no guilt involved with our super tasty Tribal Moon recipes, and we have 100’s of recipes right here on our website, plus new ones coming all the time!


Tribal Moon Cacao is super yummy and kids just keep asking for more! It is the perfect alternative for kids who have already developed a taste for lollies and chocolate (they’ll never know the difference) and they get to have all the sweet treats they can have without the crash of empty calories. Our cacao is known for being a powerful assistant in calming the nervous system, bringing with it a gentle and prolonged focus. 

Adding a sprinkle of Tribal Moon Cacao to the breakfast routine may help your children with focus through out their day, or a quick hot chocolate or raw vegan treat after school to assist with successfully guiding your children to do their homework after a long day at school is very popular with kids and parents alike!


Tribal Moon Cacao contains just under 8 mg of iron per 100 grams, that’s huge! Iron is known for delivering oxygen to the tissues of the body amongst numerous other exceptional benefits. Cacao is also known as one of the highest sources of Magnesium for those on plant based diets. So commonly documented benefits include epic focus and clarity, healthy gut, glowing and clear skin, great for the teeth. See our many blogs for all the inside details. 


“An incredible aphrodisiac, deeply connected like never before, juicy, euphoric, orgasmic” – these are comments we hear from our customers week in and week out. Our cacao contains: Tryptophan – a building block of the neurotransmitter serotonin which is involved in mood enhancement, cognition, sleep regulation and sexual arousal. Phenylethylamine – a central nervous system stimulant which is released in the brain when humans fall in love. This action triggers a release of the hormones norepinephrine and dopamine which create feelings of euphoria, joy and love. L-arginine – an amino acid that can be an effective natural sex-enhancer for both women and men. It increases nitric oxide levels and promotes blood flow to the sexual organs, which contributes to enhanced sensation, satisfaction and desire.